Mini Bundle (3 mini bars plus pouch)

Mini Bundle (3 mini bars plus pouch)

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Whether you're using them for

🧼 sample soaps
🧼 guest soaps
🧼 kids soaps
🧼 or just mini soaps...

...this cute little bundle is here to help!

Three mini soaps to use in the kitchen, bathroom and shower (or elsewhere!) plus a biodegradable soap-saving soap pouch that you can use in so many ways:

🧼 pop one piece of soap in and hang it from your basin tap
🧼 pop a piece in and leave it in the shower for a perfect lathery loofah
🧼 leave it out for your guests to pack their leftover soaps in so they can take them and continue using them at home

Each bundle contains three mini bars (approx 25g each) of a mixture of scents from my range.  If you would like to choose specific scents, just mention which ones you'd like in the notes field when you order.

Hand-made in small batches using only quality ingredients from local producers who respect the earth and the people involved in their production, I am passionate about making beautiful soap that is gentle on your skin, and with as little an impact on the environment as possible.

Ingredients: Mount Zero Olives extra virgin olive oil, Niulife certified organic coconut oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, 100% pure essential oils.  Some varieties contain natural additives such as coffee grounds (organic and fairtrade), dehydrated organic citrus zest, poppyseeds or peppermint tea leaves.