Current Offers

To say thank you to my lovely loyal customers I am now offering 10% off every third order you place!
You'll automatically receive a discount code via email after
your second online order.
(Applicable to full price orders of any products except subscriptions)
Need a good soap holder that looks good, attaches anywhere, and drains perfectly to keep your soap dry between uses?
The Block Dock is my favourite kind of soap holder because it can do all that!  If you want to try one before you buy one, you're in luck - I offer a 'free trial' service to my lovely loyal customers (in my free local delivery areas). 
So if you'd like to trial one, just POP A NOTE IN YOUR NEXT ORDER and when I deliver your order, I will include one for you to trial for up to a month.  I will pick it up at no charge.
If you provide me with a small container, I will provide you with free lip balm when I deliver or post your next soap order! 
I make my own all natural lip balm (made simply from certified organic coconut oil and home-filtered beeswax) which is lovely for your lips and contains nothing synthetic so you don't have to worry about what you're ingesting or how it was made.
If you'd like some beautiful free lip balm and have a pre-loved container for it, just POP A NOTE IN YOUR NEXT ORDER and we can then arrange for me to get the container from you.
Just doing my bit to try to encourage people to reuse old containers and reduce plastic consumption and waste!