Tips for using olive oil soap!

I've had a few requests recently to share again my top soap tips that I put up on a story last week.  (I love getting feedback and hearing what people find helpful!)

So here they are:


1. Keep your soap dry between uses with a well-draining soap holder.

Real soap has its natural glycerine intact - that’s the bit that makes soap good for your skin (think moisturising!) but it also makes soap susceptible to getting soggy if left in water.  Most commercial soaps have the natural glycerine removed, and/or artificial ingredients added to keep the bar hard.


2. Embrace the softness of olive oil soap.

It is a softer soap so does take a bit of getting used to if you haven’t used it before.  Many soaps have other oils, fats or butters added to harden the bars, many of which may not be sustainably sourced.  Palm oil is commonly used for this purpose.


3. When soap gets really small, pop it into a little soap pouch hung on your tap.

Use up every last bit!  Pouches are especially great in the shower as they double as a loofah.


For more soap tips and info, check out my FAQ page or send me an email and Ill get back to any specific questions you have.  I love soapy questions!