Handmade soap vs commercial

Did you know that switching from liquid soap (which is actually often not really soap but detergent) or commercial bar soaps (also often detergent!) to handmade bar soap can have a HUGE positive impact on reducing your environmental footprint? 🧼🌱🌏💚✨

My handmade soaps are not only beautiful and gentle on your skin but they also help you:
🌴 avoid supporting the palm oil industry as all my soaps are always and entirely palm oil free
🚚 minimise your consumption transport miles as all my ingredients are sourced locally
✨avoid the use of ANY synthetic ingredients such as SLS, artificial fragrances, foaming agents and detergents
😌keep your skin moisturised without the need for a separate moisturiser
♻️ close the loop as my soaps and packaging utilise inputs that would otherwise be waste (such as citrus peel and coffee grounds, and recycled paper for my labels and boxes)
🌏 be waste free as my packaging is minimal and is 100% home compostable
🧴 avoid the need for plastic bottles
💦 keep our waterways safe
ğŸ”Ž know exactly what you are consuming

Here’s to treading lightly
x Monique

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