Hot tip - always check the ingredients...

Most people use soap everyday. Which is a good thing right! 

But if the soap we use everyday contains ingredients that are damaging to our bodies or our earth, we have a problem...

Palm oil, synthetic hardening agents, glycerine derived from petroleum, artificial fragrances, synthetic foaming agents, synthetic colourants ... all these and plenty more are contained in many commercial soaps ⚠️😭

But if we all made the switch to handmade natural soap, we can get back to using soap everyday being a good thing! 🧼🌱👍😊

The only way you can tell if a soap (or any product for that matter!) is “all natural” though, is by checking the ingredients.  Don't just rely on the label saying it is "natural", as this term can be - and often is - used quite loosely.  If the list of ingredients goes on and on, and/or you don’t recognise a bunch of them, you’re pretty safe to conclude it’s not natural!

In fact it’s pretty safe then to conclude it contains a whole lot of stuff that you probably don’t want on your body, going down our waterways, or even being manufactured in the first place 😬