Caught going on about soap again!

I just sometimes can’t stop talking about the environmental benefits of switching to bar soaps, including in the kitchen for washing dishes!
For one - liquid dish soap comes in plastic bottles.  A second issue is that most of the volume is water - think about what that means for transportation and all the extra fossil fuels required. 
And then there's the rest of the ingredients - sodium lauryl sulfates, artificial fragrances, palm oil, petroleum derivatives...  Not ingredients without consequence shall we say.
And then there's other synthetic ingredients that might not be classified as toxic but when you consider their life cycle - how were they made?, how were they transported?, how are they packaged?, what happens to them once they go down the drain? - it makes one wonder if our consideration of what makes something toxic may need some expansion.

So that's why I can often be found in my kitchen going on about the alternative to artificial detergents for washing our dishes - pure and simple dish soap (mine contains only five ingredients, and you would recognise them all!*). 
I am sorry to my family members who are over hearing about it.  Well... sorry not sorry if you know what I mean. Because our choices matter. 🌏🌱💚
* the five ingredients in my dish soap are: my own coconut oil soap, salt, washing soda, vinegar, lemon juice.